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Abbiamo preso il meglio di un freestyle  dal potere magico, il Funslinger, combinandolo con un all mountain potente e preciso, il Proto, e ottenuto un nuovo freestyle capace di domare qualsiasi condizione ti capiterà di trovare. Il PROTOSLINGER con un nuovo profilo Never Summer  lo Shock Wave Rocker Camber abbinato al tradizionale shape asimmetrico della lamina ti da una tavola freestyle in grado di fare quello che non ti aspetti da una tavola freestyle: una flessione morbida, un immediato galleggiamento in powder, una spinta da turbo e una conduzione potente e precisa…..l’OSSIMORO



This board is scheduled for delivery to MORGAN BOARDS SHOP before the start of our season. You will be notified when your board has arrived in store, for collection or shipping.

Board Type: Freestyle

Camber: Shock Wave Rocker Camber

Shock Wave Rocker Camber features extended camber zones underfoot towards the tip and tail for explosive pop and solid stability, with smaller rocker areas that retain quick turn initiation and enhance floatation.

Flex: 4/10 Stiff (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Shape: Asymmetrical Twin

A true twin shape with an asymmetrical sidecut, this board will ride the same switch and regular, but has a designated toe and heel edge, which means you’ll get more power and control in your turns without even noticing. Our bodies aren’t the same front to back, so why should our snowboards be?

Core: Press Flex Core

The Press Flex Core features 2 specific softer flex points between the feet, providing an easier hinge point and more powerful ollies.

Bi-Lite Fibreglass

Lightweight and super strong, this fibreglass delivers incredible freestyle and freeride performance without sacrificing durability.

STS Pre-tensioned Fibreglass

Pre-hardened, pre-tensioned laminate that has elastomer stringers – which means that the board has top notch strength, edge hold and performance.

Carbon VXR Laminate Technology

Carbon ‘V’ shapes that extend out from your inserts to the edges of the board, adding torsional strength to the board and giving the board extra energy when loaded up to pop.

FDS Damping System

This damping system utilises thinner rubber foil for a lighter, snappier feel while still providing a smooth ride.

Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilisers

These stabilisers are placed directly below the mounting area to provide optimum vibration absorption and increase high speed stability while reducing foot fatigue.

Base: Durasurf Sintered 4501

This Never Summer exclusive high-density base is extremely fast and provides unmatched performance and durability.

Mounting Pattern: 2×4 Inserts

Extra Features:

Co-Extruded Polymer Topsheet – A tough topsheet that’s durable, lightweight, and scratch and chip resistant.

Vario Power Grip Sidecut – The Vario Power Grip sidecut utilizes multiple edge contact points, allowing the board to track straight and not catch while still providing maximum edge hold.

Sintered P-Tex Sidewalls – Unlike conventional ABS sidewalls, sintered P-Tex sidewalls maintain their integrity in colder temperatures and won’t crack.

Low Profile Nose and Tail – A lower profile in the tips and tail maximises snow contact for more powerful ollies and nollies and added landing stability. This also reduces the plowing effect in the nose, making you glide smoother and faster and float better in powder.

Harmonic Nose/Tail Dampers – Dampers in the tip and tail reduce vibrations and make this board incredibly smooth, stable, and confident at speed and in hard landings, without reducing the liveliness of the board.

Extended Transition Area – This board has extended flat sections at the contact points which improves turn initiation and powder floatation.


Size (cm)
Waist Width (mm)
Effective Edge (cm)
Sidecut – Toe/Heel (m)
Nose/Tail Width (cm)
Taper (mm)
Recommended Rider Weight (kg)
146 245 112 Vario 700/635 28.9 0 50-75
149 247 113 Vario 735/657 29.2 0 54-80
151 248 115 Vario 755/676 29.3 0 58-85
153 250 117 Vario 783/701 29.5 0 62-90
156 253 119 Vario 818/736 29.8 0 68-100
159 255 123 Vario 863/772 30.0 0 72-105
154 Wide 258 117 Vario 786/703 30.3 0 65+
157 Wide 262 120 Vario 823/737 30.7 0 70+
160 Wide 264 123 Vario 863/772 30.9 0 75+