Never Summer 2020 new West Bound 160


All new, a freeride board so light, performing and easy to increase the hours of snowboarding of your day in the mountains, to try and believe

All Mountain // If you’re good with where you’re at snowboarding than don’t read this. It’s a waste of your time. If you’re always striving to be better, this is your only choice. The West Bound, the best board in town. The greatest profile in snowboarding snuck its way out of the Shaper Series and on to the best…on to the West. The West Bound features a new boss shape, a pinch of taper, and the Recluse Web Carbon Layup. A lot’s changed in the West. We now float better, carve better, maneuver better, we are better. POP?!? Like an exploding hot air balloon. Like a Crater Lake size stove top popcorn. Find your home in the West. West Bound my friend. X – Wide version of the original.

Size* Waist Edge Sidecut** Nose / Tail Taper Surface Area
157 25.5 119 Vario 785 30.2/29.7 5 637/4110
160 25.7 122 Vario 813 30.4/29.9 5 653/4213
161X 26.5 122 Vario 813 31.2/30.7 5 675/4355