SPARK R&D Ibex Splitboards Crampons


QUICK OVERVIEW size M cm 12,8   L  cm 13,8   XL cm 14,8
Ibex Crampons are 4WD for your splitboard. The Ibex crampon is the basic model for bindings with the Tesla T1 baseplate.
Lightweight: Aluminum construction with cutouts
Weight:168g each – 336g pair – Regular
Easy installation: Installation and removal is effortless and can be done on the fly without unstrapping, by sliding the crampon sideways into and out of touring bracket claw mounts.
Development: to split steep passages.
Storage: Included storage bag.
Compatible: Compatible with Spark R&D Arc, Spark R&D Surge, Spark R&D Arc Pro, Spark R&D Surge Pro and the Burton Hitchhiker.
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SPARK R&D Ibex Splitboards Crampons

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